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Bride and Groom smiling at each other on wedding day with pet bull terrier

Celebrating love in all its shapes and forms

Our mission

At Pawfect Nuptials, our goal is to help couples create unforgettable pet-inclusive weddings.

We understand what it’s like to have a fur baby who is more than just a pet… they’re family! So of course it’s only natural to want them there as part of such a special celebration.

The Pawfect Nuptials team are dedicated to providing the resources, inspiration, and guidance to bring your pawfect big day to life – complete with your four-legged friend by your side.

Katrina on wedding day with pet labrador Charlie
Labrador Charlie sitting among pink flowers

Our story

Dedicated to Charlie

Hi! I’m Katrina, lifelong animal lover and obsessed fur-baby mama!

Having been a pet owner my whole life, I know the love, joy and companionship a dog (or cat, bunny, ferret… you name it!) can bring. My beautiful labrador Charlie was by my side through uni, first jobs, dating…

So of course, when I was planning my wedding, I knew I wanted my two favourite beings there (yes – my husband-to-be did make the top two!!)

The only thing was, pets at weddings weren’t quite as common a decade ago. I found it really difficult to find information, services and support to arrange Charlie’s presence on my big day.

I eventually stumbled upon a fantastic wedding pet attendant who helped nake mine (and Charlie’s) day the most incredible experience. Determined to help others have their own dream weddings, Pawfect Nuptials was born!

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Brought together by our collective passion for our fur babies

The Pawfect Nuptials team

We are a passionate team of animal lovers driven by one goal: to help couples create their dream wedding with their beloved pets by their side.

With our expertise and collective experience in pet-friendly weddings, we strive to be the go-to destination for couples seeking guidance and inspiration for their pet-inclusive weddings. We do thsi by curating valuable content, a comprehensive directory of services, and practical advice to assist couples in planning their big day.

We are here to help you navigate every step of the way, ensuring that your wedding is not only a celebration of your love but also a tribute to the unconditional love and joy that your pets bring into your lives.

If we have helped you create unforgettable wedding memories with your cherished pet, we’d love to hear about it! Get in contact with us, and don’t forget to share your photos and tag us on social media!