How To Plan a Memorable and Intimate Dog-Friendly Wedding

memorable and intimate dog-friendly wedding

Dreaming of an intimate ceremony surrounded by friends and family and just your furry friend trotting by your side? Then, you need to look at intimate, dog-friendly wedding venues that aren’t just cosy but also welcome your pet as part of your celebrations. 

The good news for pup lovers is that more and more couples are choosing to make their dogs a central part of their special day, meaning more venues are offering pet-friendly services and amenities. And that’s where we come in – we’re sharing our experiences and top finds to help you plan your own intimate dog-friendly wedding.

Whether your dog is carrying the rings or standing proudly as your dog of honour, it’s crucial to ensure they’re comfortable and content.

Here’s how you can ensure your wedding is memorable for you, your guests, and your four-legged best friend.

An Event Even He Will Love

It’s not the intimate dog-friendly wedding venues that make an event successful, but the personalisation of the event and the tiny details that make it truly memorable.

As you well know (after all, you are here reading this article!) dogs are much more than pets; they’re part of the family. Planning a pet-friendly wedding with their needs in mind ensures a joyous occasion for all. If they love the beach, skim through our list of pet-friendly wedding venues to find intimate spots near the ocean. If your pup loves to be the center of attention, let him enjoy the spotlight as he plays ring bearer. But if he’s shy and prefers some quiet time, ask a pet wedding attendant to accompany him and find thoughtful ways to incorporate him in the celebrations without him having to be anxious being front and centre.  

Don’t forget to request the caterer to whip up some doggy desserts for him to enjoy! 

The Search for Intimate Dog-friendly Wedding Venues

Planning a dog-friendly wedding ceremony can be a unique and memorable experience, especially when you find the perfect venue that reflects the intimate type of celebration that you would like.  Here are some ideas and venue recommendations to consider for those special moments, that cater to smaller wedding parties and pets:

Intimate Venues for Animal and Nature Lovers

Seclusions Blue Mountains 

Capacity: 150 persons

If you, your partner, and your dog enjoy the tranquility of nature and long walks in the forest, consider venues like Seclusions Blue Mountains. Located just 90 minutes from Sydney, this venue is nestled among picturesque valleys on the outskirts of the Blue Mountains, offering a serene 20-acre private estate. Its secluded environment is perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves in nature while exchanging vows, with ample space for your dog to explore and be part of your special day.

Rustic Barn Charm

Byron View Farm

Capacity: 60 persons

Who doesn’t love a barn wedding? The trend has been on the rise and the unique and rustic settings don’t just add to the charm, but also lead to some great wedding photography shots!

If you are looking for an intimate space for a barn wedding, Byron View Farm offers phenomenal 360 views and lots of space for your pup to enjoy himself! This venue caters for micro-weddings and is one of the most luxurious wedding locations in Australia. 

Romantic Garden Wedding

Burnham Grove Estate

Capacity: 150 guests 

For couples who dream of a garden wedding where their dog can roam freely and enjoy the lush surroundings, Burnham Grove Estate in the Blue Mountains is an ideal choice. This venue, a grand historic estate with beautiful manicured lawns offers a private location perfect for intimate weddings.

With four event spaces available, you can choose the perfect spot that feels right for you, ensuring your furry friend feels just as included in your celebration.

Beach Lovers

Hawley House

Capacity:  30-150 guests

An intimate beach wedding could be the perfect setting for couples who, along with their dog, love the sea and the sand.

Many coastal areas offer dog-friendly beaches or private beach venues that accommodate small weddings. Imagine exchanging vows at sunset with the waves gently crashing in the background and your dog by your side, enjoying the beach as much as you do.

If you want a gothic mansion, lawns adorned with peacocks, a sandy beach and a white church, then a Tassie escape to Hawley House is the place for you! 

Consider Your Dog’s Activity Level

outdoor dog-friendly wedding venue

When planning your wedding, it’s essential to keep your dog’s activity level in mind to ensure they enjoy the day as much as you do.

For the energetic, adventure-loving dog, choose a venue with plenty of outdoor space, like parks or nature reserves with hiking trails.

This allows them to burn off energy (be sure to delegate this task to a trusted family member, friend, or wedding pet sitter) and be a happy part of your special day. On the other hand, if your dog is the laid-back kind, opt for a venue that’s easy to navigate and doesn’t require much walking, ensuring they can enjoy the celebration comfortably by your side.

Practice Makes Perfect

Incorporating some training sessions into your wedding preparation can make a significant difference in how smoothly the day goes. Whether your dog is overly enthusiastic or a bit on the lazier side, brushing up on basic commands or learning new ones is beneficial.

Focus on commands that will help them navigate the wedding day, like sitting still during the ceremony or behaving around food and guests. If they’re going to have a particular role in the ceremony, you’ll probably want to have a few rehearsals to make sure they understand any cues and commands.

Book Dog-Friendly Accommodation

With your intimate dog friendly wedding venue ticked off, there’s one last thing you need to take care of: dog-friendly accommodation.   

This is crucial if planning to have your furry friend with you for your wedding, especially if you’re traveling to a location. Some venues allow pets only at the ceremony and have a strict no-pet policy for accommodation and overnight stays. 

Others however offer accommodations with special amenities and even pampering packages for pets, making them feel right at home.

While it may take a little extra planning, considering all these details will be well worth it to ensure your dog can be part of your wedding to make your event truly memorable! 

Ellie Anderson

An avid animal lover and vet nurse-in-training. In my downtime you'll usually find me at my favourite pet-friendly hangouts with my precious dog Jasper sipping puppacinos by my side!

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