Pet-friendly weddings: Sydney city guide

Plan a stunning Sydney wedding with your four-legged friend by your side with our insider tips on the best pet-friendly venues and more.

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How to Pull Off the Ultimate Pet-Friendly Wedding In Sydney

Sydney makes a perfect venue for weddings with its iconic landmarks and scenic spots like Centennial Parklands or the leafy hill estate of Springfield House.

When it comes to tying the knot with your faithful little pups in tow, you need to find spaces that aren’t just beautiful but also cater to your pet’s needs.

After all, celebrating your pet-friendly wedding Sydney style means not just picking the perfect venue with the best view and service but also ensuring that your four-legged friend is comfortable throughout.

While it’s true that pets at weddings make for paw-worthy memories and heartfelt moments, it is important to remember that they also have their own needs.

Some might need a break from the spotlight or even a quiet corner to retreat to during the event. Delve into our guide packed with handy tips for an unforgettable pet-friendly wedding Sydney experience!

1. Create a Comfort Zone for your Dog

Weddings are usually lively affairs with a lot of activities and guests. Amidst the heightened celebrations and emotions, your canine friend may feel tired, restless and even over stimulated. Normally, most pups have a designated sleep time of 12–14 hours, so your pup might want to get some rest in between the photoshoot and the ceremony.

Since it is your responsibility to create a safe haven for your pup, having an adorable pup zone might make things less stressful for you and him. This can be in a quiet corner within the wedding venue—or at some distance away from the festivities. 

If it’s the former, you can even put up a few signs and decorate the space. Put up a fun sign like “Shh, Best Man Resting” so your guests know he’s getting some shut-eye. Consider cozying up the spot with a few of their favourite toys, blankets, and doggie treats—and be sure to have the pet attendant with him to make sure he’s happy.

These zones also help if venues have only designated pet areas. If you prefer spaces where dogs are welcome in most areas, including restaurants and the terrace section, a great option is The Grounds of Alexandria.

2.    Map His Day Around His Needs

Deciding the logistics of your furry pal is another important aspect of the wedding. If your venue is a long drive away from home, you might have to coordinate pick-up and drop-offs for your pup. 

Be sure you have his day mapped out based on ‘his’ needs—and not just your availability.

Would having him at the venue before the guests arrive be better so he can explore the venue? Or would it be better if he made an entrance after everyone had arrived?

Will your sidekick be with you throughout the ceremony, or would they rather make a special appearance for the photos?

Map out the day, arrange and assign duties to your pet wedding attendant. Be sure to go over details like pick-up and drop-off services and overnight boarding.

Sorting these based on his comfort and routine will ensure his experience is as delightful as yours.

3.    Practice and Train for the Big Day—But Expect Oopsies

You’ve stood in front of the mirror and said your vows. Your dress is picture-perfect, and you have been perfecting your walk down the aisle ever since you were 7.

Your wedding is going to be perfect.

The only problem? Your little furry ring bearer keeps dropping the ring mid-way! 

Hey, everyone aims for perfection—a flawless ceremony with your well-groomed best friend by your side—but mistakes happen. After all, they’re just canines and can be unpredictable with their mischievous antics.

(It is also what makes them lovable.)

So, practice, and give it your 100 percent. But be prepared to laugh it off if things don’t go as planned.

To relieve some of the stress, consider hiring professional pet wedding attendants in Sydney. These experts will ensure that your pet is on their best behaviour throughout the event and can even help them walk down the aisle.

4.    Visit Pet-Friendly Wedding Venues Sydney With Your Pup

Dogs are sensitive animals, and there is a high chance that your fur buddy may ‘overreact’ to certain dangers or stressors at the venue.

One way to avoid any ‘surprises’ is to make them comfortable beforehand by visiting the pet-friendly wedding venue in Sydney that you shortlist. This will give your dog a chance to explore, adjust, and familiarise himself with the place.

These visits can help you identify any potential stressors—loud noises, animals—while also helping you find a spot for your pup to relax during the event.

Not sure about venue amenities for pets? Why not check out services like Wedding Paws? They offer professional pet wedding attendant services in Sydney and have handled fur babies during the wildest parties.

5. Hire a Pet-Loving Photographer

A photographer who understands the special bond you have with your bud can really capture the magic in your relationship. Not only will he be comfortable around you and your canine, but more importantly, he’ll be able to capture those beautiful moments you really cherish.

One top tip is to introduce your photographer to your fur babies beforehand and get them acquainted. (Slip in a few treats so your fur babies love him!)

You can also discuss the kind of shots you have in mind. Do you want candid shots that show your dog’s personality or perfect portraits of him as the official ring bearer?

See if your photographer can snap a few test shots to get your pup used to the flash and clicks.

Sorting out these little details and implementing these tips can help your pup be comfortable but also ensure that these precious drool-worthy moments are captured in film forever.


Black labrador looking up at wedding dress

Ready to start planning your dream Sydney wedding?

We’re here to help! We’ve done the research for you and rounded up the best Sydney wedding venues and pet wedding attendants below so that you can plan your ideal day with your fur baby by your side.

Ginger cat sitting next to wedding dress and shoes

Pet-friendly wedding venues Sydney

Ding Dang Doo Ranch pet friendly wedding venue

Ding Dang Doo Ranch

Situated on a 30-acre property in the scenic Hawkesbury region, Ding Dang Doo offers a magnificent setting for every part of your special day. Whether it’s the preparations on your wedding morning, a lovely garden ceremony, wedding reception through to photographs, festivities, or enjoying a recovery breakfast the following day, this venue caters to all aspects of your celebration.

Accommodation on site
50-220 people
Visit venue website
Belgenny Farm pet friendly wedding venue

Belgenny Farm

Belgenny Farm is the perfect farm wedding venue, offering rustic barns, manicured lawns, and expansive views overlooking Sydney’s Macarthur region. Their Granary function room is a popular space for creating the party of a lifetime, where your guests can dance the night away.

Accommodation on site
50-300 people
Visit venue website
Ottimo House pet friendly wedding venue

Ottimo House

Nestled within the captivating historical Denham Court Estate, Ottimo House stands as a unique country wedding venue. Just 40 minutes from the Sydney CBD, this light-filled venue is managed by an elite events team. Ottimo House is renowned for delivering high-end experiences, exceptional 5-star catering, and providing breathtaking settings for your ceremony, reception, and photographs.

Accommodation on site
450 or more people
Visit venue website
Springfield House pet friendly wedding venue

Springfield House

Boasting large glass windows that ensure the country-side landscape is evident inside, Springfield House offers exclusivity of the venue, providing either The Manor or The Pavilion and the gardens on your wedding day. Situated away from the noise and traffic of the city centre, Springfield House is one of Sydney’s premium destination wedding venues.

Accommodation on site
350 people
Visit venue website
Gunners Barracks pet friendly wedding venue

Gunners Barracks

If you’re searching for an intimate venue with waterfront views and a modern setting where the harbour shines, Gunners’ Barracks is a total find. Their luxurious waterfront venue, commands spectacular Sydney Harbour views and offers couples three exclusive outdoor ceremony locations, beautifully styled indoor & outdoor spaces and a five star dining fare. Not to mention, you can bring your furry friends along and they’ll get a warm welcome – making your big day even more special.

Accommodation on site
130-180 people
Visit venue website
Sergeants Mess pet friendly wedding venue

Sergeants Mess

Surrounded by natural bushland and with spectacular views over Sydney Habrour, Sergeants Mess is positioned on one of Sydney’s most breathtaking locations and they love pets as much as we do! The glamorous interior and the spacious harbour deck make it the perfect choice for a pet-friendly wedding.

Accommodation on site
50-250 people
Visit venue website
Estate Vaucluse House pet friendly wedding venue

Estate Vaucluse House

Nestled within 10 hectares of beautiful gardens, Estate Vaucluse House is a secluded wedding location in East Sydney. The tranquil manor house features classical adaptable interiors and lush gardens that work beautifully as a backdrop for an outdoor ceremony.

Accommodation on site
130-200 people
Visit venue website
Centennial Parklands pet-friendly wedding venue

Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands hires a range of spectacular sites that include natural water features, romantic woodland areas and secluded spots. With pet friendly event spaces, this green oasis is one of NSW’s most versatile places to get married with dogs.

Accommodation on site
Visit venue website
The Grounds of Alexandria pet-friendly wedding venue

The Grounds of Alexandria

Located in a former 1920s industrial precinct, The Grounds of Alexandria specialises in creating memorable moments through their iconic garden setting and themed installations.
This stunning venue is a great place to spend your big day with your friends, family, and tail-waggers alike. Dogs are welcome in most areas, even inside the restaurant and the terrace section of the Cafe.

Accommodation on site
Up to 380 (seated) & 600 (cocktail) depending on event space
Visit venue website

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Pet wedding assistants Sydney

Britt’s Pet Taxi

Britt's Pet & Animal Taxi logo

Want your pup to attend your wedding but worried about the logistics of getting them there? Contact Britt’s Pet Taxi to be your pup’s personal assistant for the day! They’ll dress, drive, and help handle your pup at the ceremony, reception, and pictures so you can focus on your big day.

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Pawz & Me

Pawz & Me logo

Th experienced animal lovers of Pawz & Me are here for everything you may need! In the lead-up, they can help you coordinate the day and generate ideas to get your dogs involved in the best way possible. On the day, they can dress your pets, involve them in your Ceremony & Photos, and provide walks, potty breaks, feeding, treats, and fresh water – just to name a few!

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Wedding Paws

Wedding Paws logo

Wedding Paws can help create several different packages to make your dreams come true. From transport of your beloved furry ones to your ceremony, dressing them in their wedding day finest and taking them for a pet sleep-over, Wedding Paws can make it happen!

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First Class Pet Wedding Assistants

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants logo

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants are a full service pet sitting, pet grooming and pet wedding attendant agency. Run by a team of vets, vet nurses, dog behaviourists and animal handlers, they offer a range of wedding and engagement packages to support your precious pup to be a part of your big day. Services include pet grooming and wedding attire, photography sessions, and honeymoon care options so you can be sure your dog will be well cared for before, during and after the big event.

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