Feline Fashionista: Stylish Cat Wedding Outfits and Accessories for a Picture-Purrfect Celebration

Fluffy cat with peach bow tie sits next to bride in wedding dress

Ladies and gentlemen, and distinguished feline friends, welcome to the most enchanting

cat-inspired wedding of the year! 

As the sun bathes the venue in a warm golden glow, love is in the air, and tiny paws are ready to dance down the aisle in their custom-made cat wedding outfits. 

So, without further ado, let the paws-itively delightful festivities begin, and let’s witness a union where love knows no bounds, and where even the smallest of guests steal the show….well, YOUR show! 

But hey, this feline is yours, and it looks absolutely sassy. After all, it may look like a cat, but it gets its style from you! Here are cat wedding outfits and accessories for a picture-perfect celebration! 

What can a cat wear to a wedding?

Well, pretty much anything and everything! The best part is that you can dress your cat up to match the theme of your party! Or get some cat wedding inspiration and let her be a part of the ceremony. Play around and have fun—just be sure to make sure your kitty is on board with the plan! 

Here are some ideas to get you started:  

1. Kitty Tuxedo

Team Groom deserves to look their best, and their feline friend should not be exempted from the fun. Dress your feline friend in a tiny purr-fectly dapper tuxedo complete with a bowtie and cufflinks. 

They’ll be the most dashing guest in attendance and all the girls will have their eyes stuck on the handsome stud rather than the groom for sure!

If he plays’ his part well, just like this dashing cat ring bearer that caused a stir on the internet, he just might become the next internet sensation! 

cat wedding tuxedo
credit: https://www.amazon.com.au

2. Fur-mal dress

To allow your cat to exude its inner sophistication and be the prettiest girl at the event, try opting for a ball gown as its cat wedding attire. 

Let your cat channel its inner princess with a glamorous, fur-mal ball gown adorned with sequins and lace. To add a touch of elegance, you can even match its gown with your bridal dress, and they’ll surely steal the show with their elegance.

cat wedding dress in white
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

3. Elegant Veil

A delicate veil for the feline cat adds an air of sophistication. Add a hint of elegance to your cat’s outfit on your big day by getting them a veil that matches the one you’ll be wearing. 

Just imagine the “awws” as she makes her way down the aisle. You can even get one customized. 

cat wedding veil
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

4. Bow-tiful Bow Tie Collar

To elevate your cat’s look on your big day, consider throwing in a bow tie collar for the furry lad. A stylish bow tie collar in a shade that complements the wedding colours will give your cat a refined and polished look and will look extremely elegant in the wedding shoot as well. 

This velvet bow tie collar comes in 30 different shades, so you can choose royal blue to match the groom or sage green to match the décor. You can even have its metal buckle engraved with your cat’s name and wedding date – or if you prefer, your phone number. It’s simple, sophisticated and ideal for kitties who don’t like dressing-up. 

cat bow tie collar
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

5. Tailored Cat Suit

For a more casual yet charming look, opt for a tailored suit with a playful tie. It may put a little dent in your budget, but hey, the photographs will look AMAZING! 

The fun thing about a catsuit is that your cat will be ready for the wedding and the after-party and will be ready to party in style!

This cat suit comes with Velcro straps at the neck and belly, so you can put it on easily. Just make sure you order the right size. 

tailored business suit for cats and small dogs
credit: https://www.amazon.com.au

6. Cat-chy Flower Crown

If you plan to include your fur baby in the flower boy/girl gang, then don’t forget to get them their very own floral crown. 

A delicate flower crown with tiny blossoms will make your cat look like the most adorable furry flower girl or boy. You can even match their crown with those of the kids and be amazed by how cute they all look together!

Don’t have time? Order this pink flower headband, which is light and comfortable for your kitty. Plus, it comes with a lot of ribbon! Be sure to keep some aside if your cat loves playing with it.

cat flower crown
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

7. Ringbearer Pillow Purse

Turn your cat into the most adorable ringbearer by attaching a tiny purse with rings to its collar.

It’s also one of the best ways to involve your pet in your wedding while letting them fulfil an important responsibility. This wedding ring bearer pouch comes in 4 different colours and can be engraved with your initials and even a message to make it extra special.  

Just be sure to double-check the purse —or better yet, let her carry the fake rings instead! 

“Paws” for celebration! 

wedding ring bearer pillow
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

8. Wedding Paw-ty Stroller

If your cat prefers lounging, consider a stylish cat stroller adorned with wedding decor. They can be the centre of attention without lifting a paw. You can have a flower girl or cat wedding sitter push them down the aisle for the ceremony too! 

And if you have a lazy cat, or one who doesn’t like taking orders from anyone, this might be your best bet. Add a few snacks or her favourite toy to the stroller to prevent her from getting bored!  

pet wedding stroller
credit: https://www.amazon.com.au

9. Custom-made Vests

If you wish for your cat to stand out at your wedding and look almost as good as you do, then you could opt for an elegant custom-made vest.  

You can elevate your cat’s fashion game with a vest that has a matching finish to yours and that is custom tailored to their size. It’s like they’re saying, “I’m here to purr-ticipate!” 

These vests are made from suiting fabric and come with an airtex lining, so your cat stays cool! 

custom made vest for cats
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

10. Kitty-Cat Cape

If your cat fancies drama, dress them in a cape that flutters as they move, making them look like the purr-fect conductor. With a cape, your cat will enjoy the “main character energy” vibes and will surely win hearts at the event.  Choose between white and red and having them exude “royalty.” 

royal cat cape
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

11. Floral Leash

If your cat is more on the poised side and loves nature, you can add a floral leash to their wedding outfit and let them shine on the big day. To increase the cuteness quotient, you can ask your florist to make a customised floral leash for your fur baby so you two can match in style. Or you can always go for a store-bought one; either way, they’ll win some hearts. 

cat floral leash
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

12. Corsage Collar

Adorn your cat’s collar with a mini corsage that matches the wedding’s floral arrangements. Just like the leash, you can have this one customised too to match your dress/suit and the wedding theme. Or you can opt for this simple, no-fuss one in navy blue! 

cat corsage collar
credit: https://www.etsy.com/au

Cat Wedding Attire Gone Wrong! 

Here are some quick tips to keep your cat’s wedding attire and itself safe!

Bows, satins, and leashes can get tangled in chairs and branches, so make sure you have a cat wedding sitter keep an eye on your pet the whole time.

Alternately, you could opt for Velcro designs and pop them off after the ceremony and pictures. This gives your cat the freedom to, well, be a cat while you enjoy dinner with your humans.

Most custom products have a delivery time of 6 weeks. So, if you have to share measurements and you have a growing kitty, make sure you let the seller know. They’d be more than happy to suggest the best sizes!

Remember, cat wedding outfits aren’t just about perfect pictures, they’re about cherishing your beloved cat and enjoying every moment with it!

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