Pet-friendly weddings: Brisbane city guide

Plan your dream Brisbane wedding with your four-legged friend by your side with the help of our Brisbane pet-friendly wedding services guide

Pet-friendly wedding Brisbane city guide
Happily fur-ever after in the sunshine state

Top Tips for Planning the Pawfect Pet-Friendly Wedding in Brisbane

Pet-friendly weddings are on the rise in Brisbane!

And why wouldn’t they?

With sun-kissed parks and romantic spots like The Gardens Club and the scenic Rainforest Gardens, Brisbane seems like the perfect backdrop for couples who want to tie the knot amidst the wagging tails of their fur babies.

After all, your fur babies aren’t just pets; they are your personal cheerleaders on gloomy days and best friends with others. Why should they skip being your best man or ring bearer on your special day?

It’s not just about the cuteness overload they bring (though that is a massive bonus).

But, as with all things wedding-related, hosting a pawfect pet-friendly wedding takes a whole lot of organising, planning and an endless to-do list. 

How do you make sure your little man does not lick the wedding cake or start howling in excitement just before the vows? How do you make sure they are comfortable and well taken care of during and after the event?

Bride feeding cocker spaniel at wedding reception

Dive into this guide for all the essential tips and tricks you need to know to host the most enchanting pet-friendly wedding Brisbane has ever seen.  

Carefully Pick the Perfect Paw-Friendly Venue

Before deciding your pet’s role on the big day, it is important to choose the ideal venue.

Not all pet-friendly wedding venues in Brisbane were created equal—although all of them are equally breathtaking!

There are some great options, like the rustic Bandaleer Rainforest Gardens in Brookfield in Brisbane’s west—an outdoor venue surrounded by majestic trees, a freshwater creek, and lush gardens.

But when picking a venue, make sure you discuss all details with the event coordinator or venue manager and are clear about the rules and requirements.

Some venues require that your fur babies wear a leash for the duration of the event, while others have restricted pet-only areas. Some pet venues may also demand pet liability insurance from you, so make sure that you have all the details sorted out.

The Rainforest Gardens’ luxury accommodation is actually included in their wedding package. And while the wedding events are fur-friendly, the chalets do not allow pets, so if you choose this venue, make sure you hire a pet wedding sitter and make arrangements for your pup.

2.    Hire a Dog Concierge for the Day

Your wedding day is bound to be a whirlwind of activity and chaos! And amidst all the celebrations, someone will have to keep an eye on your dog!

This is where a dog concierge steps in. This can either be a trusted family member, a reliable friend who knows your pup well, or an expert dog sitter hired for the event from the long list of pet wedding attendants in Brisbane.

A pet wedding attendant ensures your pet is hydrated, well-fed, and comfortable before, during, and after the event. Some packages even include pick-up and drop-off services, walks before or after the event to burn off that energy, and even grooming sessions.

If you are looking for a professional, Brisbane has many reliable pet wedding attendants, such as First Class Pet Wedding Services.

Not only do they cater to your pet’s needs during the ceremony and make sure they look nice in the photographs, they also ensure your pets arrive home safely. 

3.    Match your Pet’s Role to his Personality

Every dog has its own unique quirks and personality. While some might love music, dancing and a party, others may feel shy and prefer to silently observe from a distance.

This is why it’s important to be clear on expectations before you decide your pet’s role for your big day- as well as the venue you choose.

Would he prefer to attend and observe? Or would he shine in the spotlight as your ring bearer?

If your dog likes to wander without a leash, being restricted at a bustling wedding might just leave him irritated and upset. If your dog prefers silence over noise, sitting for hours might only make him uncomfortable.

Remember, if you plan to incorporate your pet into your wedding, keep it short and simple. And always, have a backup ready in case things don’t go as planned at the last moment.

If he’s playing ring-bearer and has a tendency to chase squirrels mid-walk, make sure you have the real ring with you. 

In essence, while dreaming big for your pet’s big day role is fantastic, it’s crucial to make sure that it aligns with their nature so that they can enjoy the celebrations just as much as you do!

4.    Pamper Your Pup Before the Event

Your fur buddy deserves to look dapper and smell good on your wedding day. There are many ways in which you can do this. Perhaps a delicate flower crown or matching bridesmaid’s dress. Or a dashing bow tie with a classy tux!

You can book a professional grooming session for them a day before your wedding day, or plan to have your loyal friend groomed, pampered and dropped off at the venue in his best attire.  If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out our articles on the cutest dog wedding outfits!

5.    A Quick Comfort Check

Amidst all the wedding fun, it’s essential to remember the basics for your fur-buddy. Before the fit check, there should be a quick comfort check. 

Beyond their adorable outfits, ensure they’ve got their essentials, such as water, meals, quick clean-ups using lint rollers and their favourite toys and treats.

Some venues in Brisbane like Rainforest Gardens assign a wedding coordinator who can tackle these for you. The venue arranges a wedding planning meeting so you can discuss your requirements and make arrangements for your pet in the designated space.  

Together, a reliable wedding pet sitter, an assigned space at the venue, and some downtime with their favourite toys can ensure you and your buddy have a woof-tastic pet-friendly Brisbane wedding!

Ready to start planning your dream Brisbane wedding?

We’re here to help! We’ve done the research for you and rounded up the best wedding venues and pet wedding attendants below so that you can plan your ideal day with your fur baby by your side.

Ginger cat sitting next to wedding dress and shoes

Pet-friendly wedding venues Brisbane

Rainforest Gardens pet friendly wedding venue

Rainforest Gardens

Nestled amid nature’s splendid gifts, Rainforest Gardens at Mount Cotton offers an ideal setting for any special occasion. The breathtaking landscapes and sweeping views along Moreton Bay’s coastline, complimented with the fresh, crisp mountain air will take your breath away.

Accommodation on site
Up to 130 people
Visit venue website
Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens pet friendly wedding venue

Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens

At Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens, you can have your dream garden wedding in one of Brisbane’s most stunning locations. This venue offers you the advantage of having your ceremony, photography, and reception, all within the same breathtaking setting.

Accommodation on site
40-160 people depending on event space
Visit venue website
The Gardens Club pet friendly wedding venue

The Gardens Club

Nestled in the heart of Brisbane City’s Botanic Gardens, you’ll find an intimate, vintage, rustic, and utterly charming venue that’s perfect for both your ceremony and reception. This idyllic setting offers a romantic atmosphere surrounded by the lush beauty of the gardens, making it an enchanting choice for your special day.

Accommodation on site
60 people (seated) to 150 people (cocktail)
Visit venue website

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Pet wedding assistants Brisbane

Stylist to the Dogs

Stylist to the Dogs logo

Stylist to the Dogs now make it possible to have your furbaby with you on your special day! Services include style and creative grooming, wedding attire, pick up and drop off to your wedding location, looking after your pet at your ceremony, reception and photographs, and anything else you can think of to make it possible to have your pet at your wedding!

Visit website

Whaggy Whiskers

Whaggy Whiskers profile photo

Owned by a passionate animal lover, Whaggy Whiskers offers the outmost top-quality services for you and your pets. They offer options to fit any budget, with services including pet chauffeur, dressing and brushing, walking down the aisle, photo shoot assistance, reception attendance, and sleep over services.

Visit website

Snoots & Suits

Snoots & Suits logo

Whether your dogs will be getting with you, your “Dog of Honour”, Ring Bearer, a seated guest, or simply present for professional photos – Snoots & Suits is here to ensure the day runs smoothly. With a Veterinary Nurse at your service, rest assured knowing a qualified and experienced chaperone has your baby in good hands for your most special occassion.

Visit website

Centenary Pet Sitting

Centenary Pet Sitting logo

Can’t imagine your special day without your furry family members there, as well? Centenary Pet Sitting provide a pet assistant service to help make your wedding day extra special! They can take the stress out of the big day, by safely escorting your pets to the celebrations and caring for them throughout.

Visit website

Happy Hounds Pet Services

Happy Hounds Pet Services logo

Happy Hounds provides a pet wedding attendant service for which allows couples to include their pets in their special day, without the associated worry of caring for them or transporting them. While you’re enjoying the ceremony and then mingling with guests at the reception, Happy Hounds will ensure that your pets’ needs are met before, during and after the wedding.

Visit website

Wedding Paws

Wedding Paws logo

Wedding Paws can help create several different packages to make your dreams come true. From transport of your beloved furry ones to your ceremony, dressing them in their wedding day finest and taking them for a pet sleep-over, Wedding Paws can make it happen!

Visit website

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants logo

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants are a full service pet sitting, pet grooming and pet wedding attendant agency. Run by a team of vets, vet nurses, dog behaviourists and animal handlers, they offer a range of wedding and engagement packages to support your precious pup to be a part of your big day. Services include pet grooming and wedding attire, photography sessions, and honeymoon care options so you can be sure your dog will be well cared for before, during and after the big event.

Visit website

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