Walking Down the Aisle in Pawfect Style: The Ultimate Guide for an Unforgettable Dog Ring Bearer Experience

Chocolate labrador puppy with engagement ring balancing on nose

I’m sure you’ve seen enough funny wedding mishaps to find yourself wondering, is it REALLY wise to go ahead with the idea of your dog carrying wedding rings?

After all, walking down the aisle to be with your partner is perhaps one of the most beautiful and precious moments of a person’s life. You can’t afford to ruin it.

But then again, you still want your little bud to be part of it, and what better way than to have him as the official dog ring bearer on your big day!

Well, here are some heartwarming ideas you both will love and some tips on how not to become the next viral sensation!

Heartwarming Ideas and Inspiration for a Tail-Wagging Entrance by your Dog Ring Bearer

Roll In As the Automotive Ride Wonder

For a truly captivating, jaw dropping entrance, have your beloved furry companion ride down the aisle in style in an electric vehicle. You could always borrow from your sister’s kid! This concept is especially wonderful for smaller dogs – Just imagine your pug making an entrance in a black vehicle with a pair of sunglasses to deliver your ring. 

It’s also wonderful if you have an exceptionally lazy dog who refuses to follow any instructions! To be fair, it’s easy for pups to get overwhelmed so naturally, this entrance is a lovely way to ensure that they’re an integral part of the ceremony but also don’t feel overwhelmed.

Coordinate with a song and watch everyone talk about the coolest dog ring bearer in the history of weddings.

The Delivery Pup

Got a dog who loves the spotlight?

Then let him shine like the star that he is and walk down the aisle as the official dog ring bearer! 

Dress him and let him be the delivery pup you can rely on to get the task done. You could dress them up in a wedding formal (like a cute little suit for dogs complete with a bowtie) to play the part or keep it simple with a bandana.

If your boy/girl is trained and seems well suited to the big task, you could also try giving them a basket (with the rings, of course!)

Having a theme song with their cute delivery service will not only have everyone in awe and amazement, but it will also make great footage for the wedding video.

Wheels Galore

Got a dog who loves new tricks? Then have your little guy do a neat little stunt with an uber-cool mode of transportation like a skate board or, if you want to keep it simple, a carriage!

Another alternative could be asking your pet to sit in a decorated wagon as a ring bearer while their dog sitter walks them down the aisle.

Be sure to start training your dog well in advance to balance themselves and get them in sync with the whole concept.

Expert tips for success

Tip 1: Get a Head Start on Training

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but if you want to teach your new dog any tricks, you need to take a head start on training! If seasoned dog trainers have any advice for us, it’s to start the training early, which would mean less stress for you and your pup. Here’s why: 

Beginning well ahead of the big day allows your dog to get comfortable with the venue and the commands they need to follow. This, in turn, gives them the confidence they need to pull it off. They’re less likely to ignore their cues, and if you do test runs at the wedding venue, they’ll know exactly what to do!

Tip 2: Practice with the Bling

We’ve heard enough horror stories about the bling going missing that we highly recommend you get your dog acquainted with the object they’ll be carrying! This way, they won’t be taken by surprise when they’re front and center.

Want to play it safe? Certified animal behaviourist, Caroline Wilkinson recommends making the dog ring bearer experience a breeze by having your dog on a harness to manage any last-minute triggers.

You know, just in case your mutt thinks it’s a good idea to run away with the rings!  

Tip 3: Trust in a Familiar Face

Having a trustworthy dog wedding sitter is paramount if you wish to make the “dog in wedding” experience memorable for everyone. Opt for a sitter your pup is familiar with and trusts so that they feel secure and at ease amidst all the fuss and unfamiliar faces.

Tip 4: Prioritise Comfort

While it’s cute to have your pup walk down the aisle, it’s also okay if they don’t want to. Be flexible, and make sure your first priority is to create a stress-free environment for him. It’s a wedding, not a circus!

Even just having them by your side at the event is always enough!

Prioritise their comfort and choose a dog ring bearer outfit that’s stylish but doesn’t cramp their style. Make sure their get-up doesn’t hinder their moves or make them uncomfortable.

Common Questions/Concerns

Question 1: Is my dog allowed at my wedding?

Of course! You call the shots on your big day! All you need to do is make sure you pick a dog friendly wedding venue and check their requirements.

Question 2: What if my dog poops/pees during the ceremony?

Oops! Well, accidents happen! One way to prevent your dog from taking a dump mid-vow is to hire a dog wedding sitter. Your dog sitter will ensure your dog’s needs are taken care of before the beginning of the ceremony and can quickly take him if he needs to go mid-ceremony.

Question 3: What if someone is not comfortable with pets at my wedding?

A good idea is to inform all your attendees about having a dog at the wedding to avoid any surprises and inconveniences. This can also help you to plan ahead with seating arrangements and back-up plans to create a safe space for humans and four-legged friends alike! 

Question 4: So far, my pup’s doing great as the dog ring bearer. But I have a feeling he will freak out and run with the rings!  How do I work around this?

First off, good job, Buddy! While you don’t want your pup to feel special, here’s something he doesn’t know. Fake rings!

Let him continue with the fake rings, but have the real ones in the exact same case in your pocket. If he makes it, you can simply switch cases while you pet him. And if he decides to run, you can laugh it off because you’ll still have the actual goods in your pocket!

It’s a win-win for you and your dog ring bearer!

We hope these little tips and tricks help you to see that with a little planning, you can absolutely incorporate your dog in your wedding in a way that minimizes stress and maximises enjoyment for everyone!

Ellie Anderson

An avid animal lover and vet nurse-in-training. In my downtime you'll usually find me at my favourite pet-friendly hangouts with my precious dog Jasper sipping puppacinos by my side!

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