How a Wedding Pet Sitter Can Make Your Big Day Purrfect

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A handy guide to including your pet in your nuptials!

So, you found your soulmate, and now the two of you are planning your big day together?

Just you and your loved ones in an intimate setting, or perhaps a beautiful outdoor venue with a mesmerizing view?


You, your partner, and your four-legged friend are super excited for the big day, but then a wedding planner points out a little hiccup: Planning a pet-inclusive wedding is a whole different ballgame, so why not let him skip it?

You are horrified!

You just can’t imagine leaving him at home all alone while you celebrate your special day surrounded by your loved ones! After all, your furry little pup was your source of comfort through the years: He let you hug him tight on days you were lonely, ALWAYS loved you for you, and even growled at that clingy date who just wouldn’t take a hint!

He always had your back, so of course you want him there on your big day.

But how?

Your friend does have a point.

With the wedding, décor, photography, guests, make-up, and stress, you won’t be available to take care of his needs. And the last thing you want is for him to be miserable while you go from engaged to married, or from Ms. to Mrs.

And this is where a wedding pet sitter comes in, like a fairy godmother ready to take your pup to the Royal Ball.

Not only will they make sure that your dog or other four-legged friend looks – and behaves- their best, but they will also make sure they are happy and well taken care of throughout the event.

Here’s all you need to know about a pet sitter, aka, wedding pet assistant, and what they can do for you. These ‘pet handlers’ are legit God-sent, and I’ll explain why when I talk about the benefits of hiring one for your wedding day.

What is a Wedding Pet Sitter?

Here’s the thing: You’ll be super busy on your wedding day, so a pet sitter or pet wedding assistant will lessen the tasks on your to-do list.

They will do this by accompanying you and taking care of your pet for you. They’ll make sure they are well-fed, well-dressed, and supervised at all times. But the best part is that they will ensure that your pet is happy and has a great time at your wedding! 

The Benefits Of Hiring A Pet Sitter For Your Wedding Day

Today, many pet sitters in Australia offer services customized for weddings, so you can enjoy a stress-free event with or even without your pet. 

Here’s why opting for one is a smart decision for you and your pet: 

 1. One less thing on your to-do list

Brides and grooms already have so much on their plates! Why add more to an already overwhelming day? Hiring a pet sitter helps you stay stress-free, knowing that your little furball is in good hands.

Plus, many pet-sitting services are run by qualified vet assistants, so you can be sure that your pet sitter will give them their utmost care to ensure they’re happy and healthy on the day.

2.      Funniest Animal Videos? No thanks!

Humans experience anxiety and our pets are no different. Many of them are not used to such big gatherings and may experience anxiety at a wedding. If you thought your dog got excited with guests at home, you can expect him to be super charged at a wedding full of new faces.

However, a wedding pet attendant can assist in keeping them calm as well as making sure they don’t run around causing havoc. Don’t want your pup licking the ice sculpture to be the next viral funny video, do we now?

3.      Get Your Pet Looking Sharp and Ready

While you’re busy with your dress and makeup, your wedding pet sitter can get your dog groomed and ready for its entrance. Many pet sitters also offer grooming services to your pet before the big day to ensure they look their best in photos and to help them feel more at ease in their new surroundings.

A great wedding sitter can even work with the wedding photographer to include your furry friend in treasured photographs- and get some fun shots in the process! 

4.      Keep Them Entertained and Happy

What do babies and puppies have in common?

They always seem to poop at the wrong time.

A dog wedding sitter can handle routine activities like this as well as feeding and grooming before and during the service so you don’t have to. Knowing that your pet is in capable hands may provide much-needed relief.

They can offer your pet the love, attention, and companionship it requires while you are busy with wedding preparations. They can take them for a walk to help them calm their nerves or cuddle them to help them feel comfortable if they’re feeling shy or stressed. 

Many professional wedding pet sitters even offer to transport your pet to and from the venue so you don’t have to worry about them getting bored for hours.

What Are The Different Services Offered By A Wedding Pet Sitter?

Wedding pet attendants, often called wedding pet sitters, are pet handlers specializing in wedding pet care. They offer a range of services that you can pick and choose from based on your needs.

These include basic services like transporting the pets to and from the wedding venue, grooming and dressing them up for the event, supervising them during the ceremony and reception, and so on.

Some of the most basic packages or services are for 1-2 hours and offer pet sitting for the duration of the event. Your pet will be fed, supervised, and loved throughout the event.

More extensive services include exercising them before bringing them to the event to burn that energy, transporting them to and from the event, and even assistance during the photography sessions.

Have a late party and need overnight boarding services for your pet?

No problem. Many wedding pet assistants also offer overnight boarding services to help the happy couple have a stress-free late-night party!

Got a pet who needs a little extra care? Well then opt for pet sitters who can also administer medications, and provide emotional support and playfulness.

Pet sitters are qualified to take care of animals with special diets or feeding routines as well as bathe, brush, and clip nails.

Many pet sitters can also exercise animals that require daily exertion, like dogs, ferrets, and rabbits, relieving you of the tension. And remember once you find a great pet wedding sitter, make sure you connect with them again when you plan your honeymoon, because most pet sitters also offer overnight boarding or sitting for extended absences.

Finding The Right Wedding Pet Attendant

Just like you do your research to find the perfect photographer, and then do taste tests to shortlist the caterer, you need to do a little homework when it comes to choosing the ideal wedding pet attendant for your big day. 

Many pet sitters have animal care training, so check references and reviews. Pet sitter services vary by species since various animals have diverse needs. Hamsters and birds need special feeding and habitat care, whereas cats need less walking and more litter box attention. Choose a professional wedding pet sitter who knows your pet and can provide personalized care to make your big day purrfect!

Katrina Weir

Animal lover, dreamer and romantic. I love helping couples achieve their dream wedding with their precious pets by their side.

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