Pet-friendly weddings: Melbourne city guide

Our tips and recommendations to create a magical Melbourne wedding for you, your pet and your guests - rain, hail or shine!

Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria with easel displaying wedding welcome sign
A bit of "paw-paration" is key

The Insider’s Guide to Pulling Off Your Dream Pet-Friendly Wedding in Melbourne

Dreaming of the day your furry friend walks you down the aisle? Imagine you and your partner exchanging vows on a beautiful gazebo lawn or in a stunning wisteria courtyard, surrounded by your friends and family, which of course includes your precious fur baby – no way are you going to leave them out! 

Well, dreams do come true. All you need is a great team, a paw-friendly venue, and a few insider tips and secrets for pulling off your dream pet-friendly wedding in Melbourne. This guide is your key to a wedding day where every tail wag adds to the joy and memories. Read on for our top tips!

1.   The Perfect Location for a Pet-Friendly Wedding in Melbourne 

As every Melburnian knows, Melbourne and its surrounds are laden with picturesque locations and hidden gems, and what is even better is that many of these are happy to accommodate pets, which fortunately gives couples quite a lot of options to choose from. 

As more venues open their doors to dogs and other furry friends, the challenge lies in choosing the perfect spot where your pets are not just allowed but celebrated.

We’ve simplified your search by curating a list of pet-friendly wedding venues in Melbourne, ensuring your big day includes every member of your family, paws and all. 

Check the venue’s compatibility with pets

Before you get too attached to any location, it’s crucial to confirm that it’s genuinely pet-friendly.

Pet-friendly wedding venues available around Melbourne include Vue On Halcyon and Potters Receptions, both lovely destinations renowned for their pet-friendly policies, offering specific zones where your pets can safely enjoy the festivities.

Just be sure to inquire about the possibility of your pet being allowed indoors, especially if they have a special role in the ceremony or reception, as other venues may only allow pets outside.

2.   A Great Team

From the Oscars to the local book launch, every great event has a wonderful team of people working together to create magic. When planning a pet-friendly wedding in Melbourne, you need to make sure the team you hire loves dogs or other pets and will be happy to work with them on your big day to avoid drama.

Hiring Professional Pet Wedding Attendants in Melbourne

For the well-being of your animal, hiring professional pet wedding attendants in Melbourne can be invaluable.

In Australia, there are several reputable services designed to cater to your pet’s needs during your wedding. Pet wedding assistants like Dogdayz and I do Paws specialise in ensuring your pet is well-cared for, happy, and present at those key moments, without you having to worry about their well-being.

While professional services expert care for your pet, you might also consider assigning a trusted, pet-savvy guest to this role. They can oversee your pet’s needs throughout the day, from ensuring they’re ready for their photo op to providing a quiet retreat when the celebrations get too much.

That way, you have peace of mind knowing that your pup is in good hands so you can focus on enjoying your wedding day!

A Pup Loving Wedding Photographer

It’s essential to have a conversation with your photographer about how you envision your pet’s involvement in your wedding photos.

Whether you want them by your side during the ceremony or prefer a dedicated photo session before the big day, make sure your photographer is prepared to capture those special moments. You might dream of an elegant garden series at your chosen venue or in the Royal Botanical Gardens, or prefer a bit of an edgy laneway shoot. Whatever your vibe, discuss the best way to incorporate your pet with your photographer ahead of time.  This ensures that your pet’s presence can be commemorated just as beautifully as the rest of your wedding.

Black and white image of bride and groom embracing in Melbourne laneway full of graffiti street art

3.   Insider Tips and Secrets 

With the venue and team sorted, it’s time to focus on some aspects we find can be overlooked when planning a pet-friendly wedding Melbourne. Here are some top tips to ensure your dream doesn’t get rained —or pooped on! 

 Tip 1: Weather Permitting—Or Not

Every Melbournian is all too familiar with the city’s four-seasons-in-one-day, but it still warrants a mention for any out-of-towners planning a destination wedding. Be prepared for rain, hail, wind and shine, and this means for any pets too!

If you’ve settled on a venue that allows pets indoors then you’re likely sorted. But for outdoor weddings, you might need your pet handler or a guest to stash a towel somewhere to dry off those wet paws in the case of rain, or somewhere calm and dry to shelter if your furry friend tends to get spooked by storms.

 Tip 2: Make arrangements for keeping your pet well-fed

A hungry pup doesn’t make the ideal guest! Ensure your pet has easy access to appropriate food and water (not the buffet!), and keep treats handy to reward their patience and good behaviour. 

You could even indulge them with a piece of your wedding cake, making them feel truly part of the festivities. Or work with your caterer to create a pet-friendly menu or include pet-themed treats in the overall catering.

Ensure there’s a variety of options for both human and furry guests to enjoy. These gestures can help keep your pup content and well-behaved throughout the event.

 Tip 3: Your Pet’s Preferences Matter

When choosing a venue, décor and even their dress, consider your pet’s temperament and how they react to new stimuli and environments.

Many Melbourne venues provide a serene setting, but it’s important to consider if your pet will be comfortable with the unfamiliar sights and sounds. Would your dog spend the day barking and chasing birds?

The goal is to ensure your pet feels safe and happy throughout the event, avoiding any unnecessary stress for you.

Tip 4: Social Preferences of Your Pet

Weddings are bustling with activity and interactions. If your pet enjoys socialising, they might relish the opportunity to greet guests. However, if they’re more of a solitary creature, it might be best to include them in the quieter parts of the day, such as the morning preparations. This approach ensures they’re part of your special moments without feeling overwhelmed.

However, if your pup loves being the life of the party, go ahead and have a pet-friendly photo booth or even a designated dance floor where he can join in the fun and dance the night away!

Tip 5: Seating Arrangement

If Uncle Geoff and your pup aren’t big fans of each other, you don’t have to choose between the two of them (although, just between us, we know you’d choose your pup!) But just to avoid chaos and keep all guests happy, make sure you have a thoughtfully-planned seating chart that separates your pet from any guests with animal allergies or aversions.

Tip 6: Plan a Break

Pets, like humans, need breaks.

Schedule short breaks during the ceremony and reception for pets to stretch their legs and take a breather. This helps them stay calm and enjoy the festivities without feeling overwhelmed. Naturally, any good wedding pet handler will be on top of this and will have some strategies up their sleeve for calming your pet to avoid overstimulation.

With the above tips in mind, you can relax and focus on enjoying your big day!

Ready to start planning your dream Melbourne wedding?

We’re here to help! We’ve done the research for you and rounded up the best Melbourne wedding venues and pet wedding attendants below so that you can plan your ideal day with your fur baby by your side.

Ginger cat sitting next to wedding dress and shoes

Pet-friendly wedding venues Melbourne

Farm Vigano pet friendly wedding venue

Farm Vigano

Nestled in the breathtaking surroundings of the Plenty River Gorge, Farm Vigano celebrates Italian heritage, cuisine, and culture. The dramatic backdrop of the Plenty River Gorge ensures that every moment is infused with natural beauty. With its Italian-inspired ambiance, a wedding at Farm Vigano undoubtedly immerses you in an authentic experience. Couples and guests can indulge in the rich Italian heritage, delightful cuisine, and the welcoming hospitality that this venue has to offer.

Accommodation on site
56-160 people depending on event space
Visit venue website
Warrawong Estate pet friendly wedding venue

Warrawong Estate

If you’re in search of a rural wedding location filled with rustic charm and a deep historical backdrop, Warrawong Estate in Melbourne’s West should definitely be on your list. With its expansive 185-acre property, this private estate has all the elements for an unforgettable countryside wedding, just a 40-minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD. It includes the historic 1850s Woolshed, a stunning outdoor ceremony spot, a secluded bridal suite, and endless photo opportunities.

Accommodation on site
Up to 180 people
Visit venue website
Rippon Lea Estate pet friendly wedding venue

Rippon Lea Estate

Rippon Lea Estate is delighted to provide 14 acres of stunning, scenic gardens suitable for intimate wedding ceremonies or grander gatherings of over 200 guests. Within the gardens, you’ll discover an array of exceptional spots to select for your special day, each offering a distinctive and romantically inspired setting.

Accommodation on site
200 or more people
Visit venue website
Vue on Halcyon pet friendly wedding venue

Vue on Halcyon

A blend of contemporary and rustic charm, Vue on Halcyon is a wedding venue located at the entrance to the Yarra Valley. It caters to discerning couples who value exceptional cuisine, fine wine, and warm, attentive service. This venue serves as the ideal setting for both your wedding ceremony and reception. Imagine getting married with uninterrupted views of rolling hills and historic vineyards as your backdrop.

Accommodation on site
90-150 people
Visit venue website
Potters Receptions pet friendly wedding venue

Potters Receptions

Nestled within six stunning acres of naturally landscaped gardens, Potters Receptions stands out as one of Melbourne’s most exceptional wedding venues. Featuring a captivating courtyard adorned with wisteria, majestic waterfalls, an open-air bar, a charming garden chapel, and other amenities, Potters Receptions provides a perfect setting for an indoor or outdoor wedding that will leave you in awe. Plus, it offers the convenience of exclusive onsite accommodation.

Accommodation on site
Up to 220 people
Visit venue website
Collingwood Children’s Farm pet friendly wedding venue

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Covered in expansive gardens and green landscapes, Collingwood Children’s Farm is a haven for wedding photographers. This venue’s range of distinct indoor and outdoor event spaces guarantees that your wedding is as beautiful as it is memorable.

Accommodation on site
40 to 110 people seated and 40 to 150 cocktail style
Visit venue website

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Pet wedding assistants Melbourne

Barking Mad Dog Training

Barking Mad Dog Training logo

Barking Mad Dog Training is proud to provide their dog wedding chaperone service to take all hassle and headaches out of having your hound around on your special day. Their servce is fully bespoke and flexible, which includes engagement, tranportation, and pet care.

Visit website

Silly Wagz

Silly Wagz logo

Silly Wagz Bridal Pups is a premium wedding day pet chauffeur servicing Victoria and South Australia. From transportation to grooming, dressing up in adorable accessories to assisting the photographer in capturing those precious moments — Silly Wagz Bridal Pups provides a comprehensive range of services to make your pet’s presence at your wedding a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Visit website


Dogdayz logo

Choosing the right pet attendant for your wedding is important, and Dogdayz can help you make the right choice. Their pet attendants are trained professionals who have experience working with different breeds and temperaments. They will make sure your dog is well-cared for and comfortable throughout the day, so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

Visit website

I Do Paws

I Do Paws logo

With a skilled team of vet nurses and dog trainers at I Do Paws, your furry companion will be be well taken care of all day, so you can enjoy yours. Their packages are customisable to suit you and your dogs every need. I Do Paws will take care of all the treats, water, toilet breaks and belly rubs!

Visit website

Wedding Paws

Wedding Paws logo

Wedding Paws can help create several different packages to make your dreams come true. From transport of your beloved furry ones to your ceremony, dressing them in their wedding day finest and taking them for a pet sleep-over, Wedding Paws can make it happen!

Visit website

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants logo

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants are a full service pet sitting, pet grooming and pet wedding attendant agency. Run by a team of vets, vet nurses, dog behaviourists and animal handlers, they offer a range of wedding and engagement packages to support your precious pup to be a part of your big day. Services include pet grooming and wedding attire, photography sessions, and honeymoon care options so you can be sure your dog will be well cared for before, during and after the big event.

Visit website

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