Pet-friendly weddings: Gold Coast guide

Discover the ultimate guide to planning a memorable pet-friendly wedding on the Gold Coast. Find top Gold Coast venues, pet-friendly services, and more.

Gold Coast pet friendly beach wedding
World class beaches set against the stunning hinterland backdrop... a magical setting

A Guide to Planning Your Dream Pet-Friendly Wedding on the Gold Coast

A beach wedding is simply iconic, but the ‘green behind the gold’ makes the Gold Coast an ideal wedding destination.

Sun-kissed beaches, laid-back vibe, and of course, the picturesque hinterland and Tamborine Mountains in the back. The soft crash of waves, the warm golden sand, and a stunning sunset —- all this sets the stage for a flawless evening to come together and declare your love in front of family and friends.  

However, all this could become even more memorable if you could have your loyal fur baby jumping by your side.

This is why we have the perfect guide to help you host a pet-friendly wedding Gold Coast style, whether it’s a breezy ceremony on the shoreline or an elegant affair in the lush venues of the hinterland.

If you’ve ever pictured your beloved pets wagging their tails while you say “I do”, this guide is a treasure trove. Let’s dive into some tips and tricks for planning the perfect pet-friendly wedding on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast beach wedding with pet dog


1. Pick a Beach and Host a Beach Date

If you are dreaming of a sunlit beach wedding, you have to ensure that it is paw-friendly. It’s not just about finding a beach that allows dogs, but also where you know they will be safe. The Gold Coast has several dedicated beach spots where dogs can go off-leash, however for smooth sailing on the day it is recommended that you have them on a lead, ideally in the care of an experienced wedding pet concierge (check out our recommended Gold Coast pet wedding assistants below).

Following the ceremony, you can head up to a beautiful pet-friendly wedding venue in the Hinterland so that your pup can join in the festivities – see some of our recommended venue listings below.

Our top tip: Before you say yes to the venue, plan a visit to the beach with your furry friend. Start with a relaxed 30-minute walk and see how they react to the crashing of the waves, the sand, and any creatures that live in the area.

If your pup spends time chasing every living creature or diving headlong into the water, you might need a little more planning. A few ‘beach dates”—getting your dog familiar with the sand, waves, and all the fun beach vibes—might ensure a smoother ceremony.

If your four-legged buddy is all wagging tails and on his best behaviour, you’re all set and can tick venue off your list!

This little pre-wedding exploration can make all the difference, ensuring your dog is as comfortable and happy as the two of you on the big day.

2. Prioritize Safety

Beach weddings are a blast, but as with any outdoor event, there are precautions to take, especially if you have four-legged friends around.

First things first, steer clear of the rough waters, and always keep your doggo on a leash to ensure they stay close. Take a moment to inspect the spot you pick, looking out for anything sharp in the sand or suspicious critters that might be lurking around.

If you are worried about managing everything on your big day, consider teaming up with pet-wedding attendants on the Gold Coast like Snoots & Suits.

These pet wedding pros will keep a keen eye on your dog and help him be on his best behaviour. (They’ll make sure your pup doesn’t need to “go” during the middle of the ceremony.)

They’ll ensure your pet stays at a comfortable distance from creatures that live in the sand and make sure they look flawless in the pictures.

3. Never Underestimate the Power of a Well-equipped Beach Bag

When it comes to a pet-friendly beach wedding, you have to be prepared! And the perfect preparation lies in a beach bag that, alongside your wedding essentials, has all the goodies your dog needs.

These include food, some doggy treats, his favourite toys, and a blanket.

Be sure to pack essentials like a water bowl and fresh water so they can stay hydrated; it’s much better than them trying to sip salty sea water. Also, throw in an umbrella so they can sit in their shady retreat when the sun gets too hot. 

To protect those soft paws from hot sand, add a blanket or towel. And don’t forget a dog-friendly sunscreen to keep them safe from those UV rays.

For the fun part, you can toss in some toys, maybe a Frisbee or a floaty, to keep the playtime going. (Your pet attendant can keep them entertained with a game at a distance from the event area.)

After all, every great party needs some enjoyment and games!

4. Plan Ahead: Allergies and Comfort

A dream wedding is where everyone, including your furry friend, feels at ease. But remember, some of your guests might have allergies or may be uncomfortable around your pets.

But it’s not about picking sides, but about striking a balance and making sure everyone feels safe and included.

Give everyone a heads-up, allowing those with allergies to take precautions or bring their allergy medicines. 

Amidst the lively atmosphere, with music, activities, and treats, remember that it can sometimes get overwhelming for pets.

You can always coordinate with your pet wedding attendant and have your dog attend the important segments of the wedding where your pet feels most comfortable and has the most significant role. After all, it’s all about ensuring your furry friend plays their ‘pawfect part’ without any discomfort.

5. Teach Your Dog Beach Etiquette

If you’re taking your vows and hosting a pet-friendly wedding on Gold Coast beaches, remember the importance of good beach manners.

A well-trained pup not only ensures their safety but also respects the comfort of guests. Before the big day, take the time to teach them essential commands like sit, stay, and come. This ensures that while they enjoy the sand and waves, they also respect boundaries and make the day enjoyable for everyone!

Ready to start planning your dream Gold Coast wedding?

We’re here to help! We’ve done the research for you and rounded up the best Gold Coast wedding venues and pet wedding attendants below so that you can plan your ideal day with your fur baby by your side.

Ginger cat sitting next to wedding dress and shoes

Pet-friendly wedding venues Gold Coast

Glenrock Farm pet friendly wedding venue

Glenrock Farm

Less than 10km from the beach, Glenrock Farm is set amid a rural oasis in the heart of the Gold Coast. This stunning venue provides the opportunity to craft a unique wedding with all the serenity of a peaceful countryside setting while being remarkably close to the bustling city life. Glenrock Farm Weddings Gold Coast is located on 22 acres of prime dairy land and is nestled on a gentle rise above the fertile Carrara plain.

Accommodation on site
Up to 130 people
Visit venue website
Valley Estate Currumbin Valley pet friendly wedding venue

Valley Estate Currumbin Valley

The Valley Estate is a charming retreat nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast’s picturesque Currumbin Valley. Located just a 10-minute drive from Gold Coast International Airport, it draws upon grand European and industrial aesthetics. With the beach and hinterland on your doorstep, you get the best of both worlds.

Accommodation on site
Up to 100 people
Visit venue website
Cowbell Creek Austinville pet friendly wedding venue

Cowbell Creek Austinville

With the picturesque Cowbell Creek as your backdrop and rustic style farmhouse for the festivities to get underway, this serves as a stunning countryside getaway for weddings. Trees, animals, and the natural elements come together to to breathe life into an extraordinary wedding day.

Accommodation on site
100-120 people
Visit venue website
Austinvilla Estate pet friendly wedding venue

Austinvilla Estate

Austinvilla Estate offers an ideal setting and venues suitable for both intimate elopements and larger weddings accommodating up to 130 guests. This stunning private estate is located in the Gold Coast hinterland, where you can find everything you need for your special day, including ceremony locations, reception areas, and guest accommodations, all in one enchanting location.

Accommodation on site
Up to 130 people
Visit venue website
Acre Boomerang Farm pet friendly wedding venue

Acre Boomerang Farm

Nestled in the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland, The Acre is a newly revamped wedding venue situated within the renowned Boomerang Farm. It offers a secluded and idyllic oasis ideal for all-inclusive weddings. Featuring a private ceremony location perched over a running stream, a newly revamped 1902 barn, and extensive gardens for photo opportunities.

Accommodation on site
130 people (seated) to 150 people (cocktail)
Visit venue website
Coolibah Downs Private Estate pet friendly wedding venue

Coolibah Downs Private Estate

Tucked away within ten acres of lush greenery within the stunning Gold Coast hinterland, Coolibah Downs Private Estate offers a magical setting for garden weddings. This expansive estate has everything you need for an unforgettable wedding experience, delightful stone chapel, multiple outdoor ceremony spots, a beautiful open-air marquee, onsite accommodation, and endless photo opportunities.

Accommodation on site
Up to 180 people
Visit venue website
Bower Estate pet friendly wedding venue

Bower Estate

The Bower Estate is renowned for hosting stunning weddings and events in a 120-acre setting of exceptional natural beauty and environmental heritage. It offers full wedding and event services, including on-site catering, event planning, and accommodation. What’s more, you can bring your fur babies along for all the fun!

Accommodation on site
Up to 140 people
Visit venue website
Gold Coast Farm House pet friendly wedding venue

Gold Coast Farm House

The Gold Coast Farm House can be found in the picturesque Numinbah Valley, a mere 30 kilometers away from Surfers Paradise. This idyllic spot boasts 60 acres of expansive, rolling lawns covered with vibrant green grass, adorned with majestic native trees, two generously-sized spring-fed ponds, and enveloped by a backdrop of pristine national parkland, making it an ideal setting for an intimate and private wedding.

Accommodation on site
40-150 people depending on event space
Visit venue website
Riverwood Weddings pet friendly wedding venue

Riverwood Weddings

Set in the charming and scenic Gold Coast Hinterland, at the base of Tamborine Mountain, you will find this stunning private retreat, Riverwood Estate. Nestled along the banks of the Coomera River, enveloped by lush, green surrounds as your backdrop, this 10-acre estate offers a unique setting for couples wanting the romantic and relaxed country wedding feel with a difference.

Accommodation on site
Up to 100 people
Visit venue website

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Pet wedding assistants Gold Coast

Whaggy Whiskers

Whaggy Whiskers profile photo

Owned by a passionate animal lover, Whaggy Whiskers offers the outmost top-quality services for you and your pets. They offer options to fit any budget, with services including pet chauffeur, dressing and brushing, walking down the aisle, photo shoot assistance, reception attendance, and sleep over services.

Visit website

Snoots & Suits

Snoots & Suits logo

Whether your dogs will be getting with you, your “Dog of Honour”, Ring Bearer, a seated guest, or simply present for professional photos – Snoots & Suits is here to ensure the day runs smoothly. With a Veterinary Nurse at your service, rest assured knowing a qualified and experienced chaperone has your baby in good hands for your most special occassion.

Visit website

Happy Hounds Pet Services

Happy Hounds Pet Services logo

Happy Hounds provides a pet wedding attendant service for which allows couples to include their pets in their special day, without the associated worry of caring for them or transporting them. While you’re enjoying the ceremony and then mingling with guests at the reception, Happy Hounds will ensure that your pets’ needs are met before, during and after the wedding.

Visit website

Wedding Paws

Wedding Paws logo

Wedding Paws can help create several different packages to make your dreams come true. From transport of your beloved furry ones to your ceremony, dressing them in their wedding day finest and taking them for a pet sleep-over, Wedding Paws can make it happen!

Visit website

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants logo

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants are a full service pet sitting, pet grooming and pet wedding attendant agency. Run by a team of vets, vet nurses, dog behaviourists and animal handlers, they offer a range of wedding and engagement packages to support your precious pup to be a part of your big day. Services include pet grooming and wedding attire, photography sessions, and honeymoon care options so you can be sure your dog will be well cared for before, during and after the big event.

Visit website

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