Pawsitively Adorable: 20 Dog Wedding Outfits That Will Melt Your Heart

Maltese terrier wearing pink dog dress lying on bed next to bride

Who doesn’t want to look their best on their big day? As your little pooch struts his stuff down the aisle, you’d want them in a dog wedding outfit that will make them shine like the stars that they are.

Here are 20 dog wedding outfits that will melt your heart—and maybe even steal a little bit of your thunder. (Sorry!)

But hey, you can’t get mad at someone who looks THAT cute, right?

What can a dog wear to a wedding?

Whether you want something minimal, or the whole deal, one of these pawsitively adorable outfits is THE one!

1. Well-Tailored Dog tuxedos

Dressing up your furry pal in a formal tuxedo with a bowtie and lapels is bound to make heads turn. Looking sharp, little guy. 

black dog harness tuxedo

If your pup doesn’t have the temperament, switch to this bow-tie collar. 

black satin dog bow tie and collar

2. Dog of Honour Bandanas

Opting for bandanas is more comfortable for the little host. Opt for Dog of honour bandanas or get one customised.  If your pup is fussy, you can skip the tuxedo and still get the look with a tuxedo bandana; comfy and dapper, just like this one.

dog of honour tuxedo bandanas

3. A Doggie Veil For The Extra Charm

Add a touch of sophistication and bridal charm to your pup’s outfit by getting them a bridal puppy veil for the big day. It is bound to make heads turn, as your little girl will look drop-dead gorgeous in her little ceremonial shroud.

doggie bridal veil with white flowers

4. Dog Wedding Dresses

Getting your dog a wedding dress isn’t just cute, but frankly a lot easier than finding your own bridal dress! Match it with your mini-me or keep it simple and opt for one off the rack. Our pick: this cute puppy harness wedding dress.

dog wedding dress
dog floral wedding dress

5. Floral Dog Collar

If you wish for your dog to exude flower princess charm and fit right in with other flower girls, you can get a floral dog collar for them. It’s just hard not to fall in love with this one.

floral dog collar

6. Floral Dog Leash

This is a unique and fashion-savvy piece of attire that will elevate not only your dog’s look but is bound to add a bit of oomph to your outfits as well. Team up with your florist to make a customised leash that complements your dress/suit. Don’t have the time? Pick your own colour and get your own customised succulent flower wedding collar.

floral dog leash

7. Doggy Ring Bearer Pillows 

Add an endearing touch to your dog’s entrance and opt for ring bearer pillows. Have one customised to help match the décor.

dog wedding ring bearer pillows

8. Puppy Tutu Skirt

A shorter tutu skirt is perfect for a playful and “pawsitive” puppy. Watch them twirl and wag their way into everyone’s hearts with their boundless energy and cuteness.

puppy tutu skirt

9. Doggy Hat

Make him look sophisticated and right out of Downton Abbey with this hat. The pawsitively refined look simply “barks” of elegance.

doggy hat wedding outfit

10.  A Traditional Qipao

Why not add a bit of tradition and culture to your dog’s outfit, like with this red dog qipao?

red dog qipao

11. Add Class With a Doggy Fascinator or a Pearl Collar

Decking out your pup with a charming fascinator at the wedding gives them a chance to strut their stuff as the “pawshionista” of the event, making heads turn and hearts melt as they rock their stylish accessory with confidence. 

Another way to add royalty to your pup’s look is to adorn her with this ivory dog collar with pearls and crystals. Since many places require pets to be on leash for the duration of the ceremony, this one is a must have if you want to pull off a successful wedding with your dog. Not only does it accessorise, but it doesn’t look like a collar in the photographs.

dog fascinator with florals and pearls

12. Personalised Dog Cape 

A personalised cape for your dog on your wedding day not only makes them feel like a “top dog” but also adds an extra layer of “paws-sonalized” charm to your celebration. You can also add your and your partner’s initials on the back!

personalised dog cape

13. Corsage for your canine

If you wish to keep it simple, a corsage of flowers will be your best bet. It will not only look minimalistic yet chic but will also keep your dog from gnawing on its outfit the whole ceremony.

14. Sparkling In Her Tiara

If you and your girl like bling, then getting them a dog tiara will be your best bet. This charming headpiece is bound to make memories on the big day and look great in photos too!

dog tiara

15. Doggo Sunglasses

This snazzy accessory will not only protect their puppy peepers but also give them a “pawsitively” cool vibe, perfect for soaking up the sunshine during outdoor festivities.

dog sunglasses

16. A Festive Dog Tag 

This cute ‘Dog of the bride’ tag is like its own version of a party badge. Your pup is celebrating its unique role in your love story and the tag can become a cherished keepsake that “fetches” memories of its special part in your wedding.

dog of the bride tag

Looking for ways to include your dog in your wedding? Why not have him be a ring bearer with this ring bearer leather pouch that can be customized with your initials and a message. It come in 4 different colors and can be easily attached to your dog’s collar.   

wedding ring bearer pouch for dogs

17. Three-Piece Dress

Dressing your furry friend in a tailored three-piece gives them a dash of formal flair. This one is perfect for a beach wedding! 

dog three-piece dress

18. Doggy Vest

A dapper doggy vest isn’t just about fashion; it’s their way of showing they’re part of the pack, aligning them with the groomsmen, and adding a touch of “pawsomeness” to the whole crew, just like this one.

dog wedding vest

19. Floral Wreath

A delicate floral wreath around their neck isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a symbol of their growth and a play on “puppy love.” After all, they were a blooming, wonderful part of your journey to ‘happily ever after.’

wedding dog floral wreath

20. An “I do too” collar

Putting an “I Do Too” collar on your dog for your wedding is like giving them a voice in the celebration, allowing them to paw-ticipate in your big moment and declare their support as they wag their tail to your journey of love. Here’s one we approve—and your dog will do too!

I do too dog wedding collar

Dog Wedding Outfit Tips For Success

Making sure your furry friend shines on your wedding day while sporting that cute outfit involves a few doggone important tips.

Above all, consider their comfort—opt for outfits that don’t cramp their style or limit their zoomies.

Second, start the training early! Make sure you reward them with treats or belly rubs, so they associate their fancy attire with good vibes.

A little rehearsal can go a long way, helping them get into the role like a true pro.

Most importantly, make sure to keep an eye out for tiny parts or materials that might lead to an impromptu chew session. You do not want to rush to the ER because your dog swallowed his bow tie!

Opt for good-quality fabrics that don’t make them itch or are ‘ruff’ on their skin. Assign a dog-savvy pal to watch over them during the hullabaloo, ensuring potty breaks, playtime, and treat time are all on the agenda.

Don’t forget to capture those “aww”-worthy moments on camera. 

And remember, wagging tails and puppy smiles are the ultimate indicators of a successful dog wedding outfit!

Ellie Anderson

An avid animal lover and vet nurse-in-training. In my downtime you'll usually find me at my favourite pet-friendly hangouts with my precious dog Jasper sipping puppacinos by my side!

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