Happily, Furever After: 20 Of The Most Unique (And Completely Adorable) Ways To Incorporate Your Pet Into Your Wedding Ceremony

Bride and groom at reception cuddling pug dog in pink bow tie

Tired of traditional weddings that are all bark and no bite? (pun intended)

But, honestly, it’s always fun to have your little, furry BFF wagging his tail around or dropping in, but what if we shared some wedding ideas that really let your pet dog, cat, bunny, horse or bird be a part of your big day?

These ideas will help you make special memories with your beloved pets on your big day, so when you look back on the day, you’ll be happy that they were there to make it even more special.

A century ago, many would have mocked the idea of your furry friend as your best man, but those days – thankfully a thing of the past.

But what if your overly excited pup turns your big night into a Jennifer Aniston rom-com? There have been instances where the “dog of honour” decided to take a dump right during the first dance at a beach wedding.

Hey – when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! 

Don’t sweat it, though, because we have fetched some of the most unique, wacky, and downright adorable ways to include your furry sidekick in your wedding ceremony. 

Of course, these tips and tricks can help you avoid disaster while making sure your pets get to be a part of your wedding. 

20 Adorable Dog Wedding Ideas You and Your Guests Will Love

From “purrfect” purr-formances to the sick dance moves, your pets can help you get ready to say “I do” with a side of “I woof,” with these 20 unique and completely adorable ways to get your pets to be a part of your wedding.
Although, a heads-up, they might end up stealing your thunder:

1. The cutest and most obedient dog ring bearer

One of the best ways to get your pet to be a part of your wedding is to have them walk down the aisle as a dog ring bearer. Typically, a ring bearer is a young child between the ages of 3 to 8 years because they can understand the instructions and look adorable walking in their cute outfits—and your dog won’t be any less adorable.

Although a bit of a heads up, your canine companion may be one up on your walk down the aisle when you entrust them with this important task of carrying the rings down the aisle. Do some practice runs to see if they enjoy it too, and if you want to make it even cuter, attach a beautiful floral wreath to their collar for an extra touch of elegance.

2. The cat ring bearer in a stroller or pram

For our feline-loving couples, here is a unique idea to consider with a twist on the traditional ring bearer role. (It also requires less training and instructions.) Take a decorative basket or stroller adorned with flowers, and let your cat make a grand entrance as they accompany the bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Got an exotic pet bird, who loves flying?

Have them swoop in with the wedding ring! You could place it in a box or on a ribbon that the bird can carry.

3. Sharp in a matching tux

With everyone dressed to the nines, you don’t want your pet showing up in his everyday outfit. (Not that he doesn’t look handsome in that golden fur.) But to make it special for you and your pet, dress them up in a matching tux or dress. 

Keep it simple with a doggy tux or show off their classy, and elegant side by dressing them in an adorable dress that complements the wedding colours. Your pet will look dashing as they stand next to the best man, looking like the real BFF they have always been.

Enhance your pet’s wedding attire by adorning their collar or harness with flowers or bowties that match the wedding theme. This small detail will make them look extra dapper and camera-ready.

Want to get the best shots? Do a photo session with your pets before the ceremony to capture them at their finest—and cleanest!  

Dog dressed in red outside Vietnamese wedding venue

4. Greet guests at the entrance

You do know you are not the only one excited to see Uncle Sam? And Sally from next door? And your best friend Jemma, adoring pet aunty?

If your pets have been a part of your life for a while, chances are they know all these familiar faces, so why not let him also greet the guests at the entrance to the ceremony or reception. It’s actually one of the loveliest ways to incorporate dogs into a wedding.

Oh, and here’s a quick pro tip to avoid disasters:

Make sure you set up a designated area near the entrance where your pet can welcome guests as they arrive. This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere as your furry friend showers everyone with love and excitement while giving space to people who may not be too comfortable.

5. Save-the-date cards and your best buddy

Another great way to include your pet in the wedding is to have an engagement photo shoot or have them on the save-the-date cards.

Before the big day, capture the love between you, your partner, and your pet in a heartwarming photo shoot. Use these photos for your save-the-date cards to let your guests know that your pet will play a special role in the ceremony.

6. A special first dance with your buddy 

Vibe with your little bud and have your pet participate in the first dance!

Got a song you both love? Create a magical moment on the dance floor by inviting your pet to join in. Whether they twirl around with the newlyweds or have a dedicated dance with the wedding party, it’s a sweet and unforgettable way to involve them in the celebration.

7. Your furry best man/dog of honour

Enlist your dog as the “Dog of Honour” or “Best Dog”: If you have a four-legged friend that holds a special place in your heart, bestow them with a unique title like “Dog of Honour” or “Best Dog.”

This one has to be a favorite with dog owners looking for dog wedding ideas. Why? Because it lets them proudly play the role they were born to play and of course, strut their stuff alongside the rest of the wedding party.

8. Every paw you take

Incorporate your pet’s paw prints into your wedding stationery: Add a personal touch to your wedding stationery by including your pet’s paw prints. Use them on your invitations, programmes, or menus as a playful design element.

9. Special photo booth

Arrange a special photo booth for your pet by creating a designated area where guests can take adorable photos with your pet. Go crazy with the props, such as hats, bowties, or cute signs, for an extra dose of fun.

10. Pet-themed wedding cake topper

Customise your wedding cake topper to include a mini figurine of you, your partner, and your beloved pet. It’s a sweet way to express the love you share.

11. Help them say your vows

Have your pet accompany you during the vows. Get them to woof their ‘I dos’ or if you have a parrot, teach them to say, ‘I will always love you.’

Let them witness your love while also adding some extra sentimentality to the ceremony.

12. Include your pet’s favourite toy in the bouquet or boutonniere

As you walk down the aisle, tuck a beloved toy from your pet into your bouquet or attach it to the groom’s boutonniere. This small gesture symbolises your bond with your furry friend and adds a touch of whimsy to your wedding ensemble.

13. Create a custom pet-themed aisle runner

Design a custom aisle runner with adorable illustrations or photos of your pet. This unique touch will make your walk down the aisle even more memorable and personal.

Capture the silhouette of your pet and incorporate it into various elements of your wedding decor, such as table centrepieces, signage, or even the wedding cake design.

This adds a personalised touch and pays tribute to your beloved companion.

14. Have your dog “announce” your entrance

If your dog has a knack for tricks, train them to press a button or ring a bell to announce your grand entrance. It’s a playful and unexpected way to start the ceremony and will have your guests smiling from ear to ear.

Another great idea is to have your pet carry a “Here comes the bride/groom” sign down the aisle.

If you have rabbits, you can have a flower girl or page boy carry them in a beautifully adorned basket.

15. Have a special ‘unity’ ceremony

Your pet was there when you fell in love!

So, why not add a heartfelt mention of your pet’s name into your wedding vows or participate in a special unity ceremony like lighting a candle or pouring sand.  

Express how their unconditional love has shaped your relationship and brought you closer together as a couple.

16. Let them lead the way

Have your pet lead the couple out of the ceremony as a joyful way to conclude the ceremony.

This way, your pet wouldn’t feel left behind but would be so happy to get in the car with the two of you.

17. Organise a pet-friendly seating area

If your venue allows it, create a cozy pet-friendly seating area where guests can mingle and spend time with your furry friend during the reception. Supply comfortable cushions, water bowls, and treats to ensure their comfort.

18. Your steady steed by your side

If you have horses, you could arrive on horseback or even have them stand by your side as you say your vows. Just make sure you choose an open, ventilated space so the venue doesn’t smell like a barn!

Bride and groom posing with thoroughbred horse at wedding

19. Plan a pre-wedding outing with your pet

Take some time before the wedding to have a special outing with your pet. Whether it’s a trip to the park, a beach adventure, or a scenic hike, it’s a wonderful way to create cherished memories and relax together before the big day.

 20. Create a pet-themed wedding favour

Show appreciation to your guests by gifting them pet-themed wedding favours. It could be personalised pet treats, small toys, or cute key chains featuring your pet’s photo.

Another great dog-wedding idea, if your dog permits, is to have your pup hand out a few favours to the guests. If your fur baby is up to the task, you can do him a favour and have him walk around the venue.

He’ll love the attention, and guests who haven’t had a chance to get up will love getting the favours delivered to them!

And there you have it: twenty awesome ways to incorporate your furry friends into your wedding ceremony.

Pet wedding ideas: Expect the unexpected!

From adorable ring bearers to stylish tuxedos and meow-nificent dance moves, these ideas will surely make your wedding day a howling success.

But here’s the thing you need to know about pets and weddings: Things can and will go wrong. As they say, hope for the best and plan for the worst.

So, while you have fun incorporating these fun wedding ideas, make sure you keep your pet’s comfort in mind. Do they prefer the crowd? Would they rather drop in for a little while?

Have alternate arrangements, like hiring a wedding pet handler to make sure they have fun at the ceremony too!

Now go ahead, and let your pets steal the spotlight and bring an extra dose of joy and laughter to your special day. After all, love is even more fur-tastic when shared with our four-legged companions. So, get ready to say “I do” to a lifetime of love and laughter with your beloved pets by your side. Happily Furever After awaits!

Katrina Weir

Animal lover, dreamer and romantic. I love helping couples achieve their dream wedding with their precious pets by their side.

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