Feline the Love: The Ultimate Collection of Cat Wedding Ideas to Melt the Hearts of Cat Lovers

Black and white cat lying next to wedding ring cushion

Your kitty was there the first time your crush called! It knew you were nervous as you played with your hair and said ‘yes’ to what you now call your ‘official first date!’

It was the one who comforted you—in her own cat way—when you got into an argument around the four-month mark and stomped around the apartment.  It was there as the two of you sat on the couch and made up!

And now that you have fallen in love and are taking this next step, you want, more than anything, for your little roommate, best friend, and therapist to be at your wedding!

In fact, as you exchange your vows and declare your undying love for each other, you want your feline to be a part of it, because she was always a part of it.

But just having to attend the event doesn’t feel enough! You want to incorporate her into the invitations, the party, the ceremony, or something.

Well, we have a wide range of cat wedding ideas to match your cat’s personality and incorporate your precious pussycat into your special day!

Understanding Your Feline

First, assess what works for your kitty. What’s her personality like? Does it like new places and new faces? Or does it prefer that they sit back and do their own thing?

It’s easy to assume and get excited about your cat dressing up in a tux and walking down the aisle with the rings. Maybe she’s a sassy tabby who is confident and clever but also a bit stubborn and a tad bit impulsive.

She wouldn’t mind the crowd and the spotlight, but she might refuse to follow instructions and run off with the rings. In that case, spare yourself the headache and give her a task that doesn’t hold up the ceremony.

But if your cat’s super shy, does that mean you can’t incorporate her in the wedding at all? Of course not!

Here are some cat personalities and some purr-fectly adorable cat wedding ideas that will have them enjoying your big day in their own unique ways! 

What Personality Type Are Cats?

While feline experts group cat personalities into the “feline five”, chances are your cat falls into one of these three subgroups:

  1. The Confident Cat: Uh, human, move. You are in my spotlight!
  2. The Agreeable Cat: “Yeah, sure. Whatever.”
  3. The Shy Cat: “Are you kidding me? No way.”

The Confident Cat: Let Me Shine, Tonight

If you have a kitty who loves to be the centre of attention, then you have yourself a star!

These felines bring a whole new energy to the room and are the most fun to incorporate into the wedding. These extrovert cats are alert and curious! They like interacting with new people and may easily get along with your cat wedding sitter.

The end result is that they’ll love partying at your wedding, and with a good cat sitter, you won’t have to worry about them even a little bit.

So, how do you incorporate a confident cat into a wedding?

You can have them strut down the aisle, be a ring bearer, be one of the flower girls, or even dress them in a tux and have them as your ‘Best Cat.’ They’ll love the photoshoot and wouldn’t want to miss even a second of the fun!

Just be sure to have a pet wedding attendant by their side to make sure they don’t knock over delicate décor or get into any mischief.

The Agreeable Cat: Okay, I Guess I Could

Got a cat who is agreeable?

It’s chill; it loves to go with the flow, but yeah, it’ll take its time!

Honestly, sometimes it feels like it doesn’t really give much thought to what you do and what you don’t do. But it’s there when you need it.

It’s not needy and doesn’t get excited, but it also won’t scratch you or give you death stares when you put her in a cat dress! It will simply walk away a few times before it decides it looks safe and does as you ask.

This is good for you! However, keep in mind that your cat may need a little more time to warm up to the ideas you go with, so start early with the pet attendant, the dress, and even the venue.

The good news is, she’s not shooting down your ideas; however, you might just have to give it more time and practice before your big day. You know, just gently nudge her along! Once she’s on board, it’s all smooth sailing! 

The Shy Cat: No way!

If your cat has a habit of hiding when you have company, chances are she’s just shy and prefers her own personal space. Any efforts to make her come out of her hiding place only end up upsetting her more, which leads to you getting scratched in the process.

If this is the case with your fur baby, don’t get upset and don’t force her. The shy cat can still be represented at your wedding with these subtle cat wedding ideas.  

How do I involve my cat in my wedding?

Incorporating your cat into your wedding can add a unique and personalised touch to your special day. Now that you know your cat’s personality, here are some fun and creative ways to involve your furry friend in the celebration:

Cat of Honour or Best Cat

If you adore your cat and they are your best friend, then you have to give them a unique title and mention it on your big day. Not only will it make a great story for you to share at cocktail parties, but it’ll be an evening to remember.

Rather than just having a maid of honour or best man, you can opt for your cat to have the “honour” too. Perhaps “Cat of Honour” or, even better, “Best Cat”?

You can make this official by getting a cute badge or collar accessory for them to wear during the ceremony to officiate their status at the event. 

Walk down the aisle with them

Besides your father, brother, or other significant figure in your life, you can also consider having your cat next to you as you walk towards the new chapter in your life.

Depending on your cat’s personality and preference, you can either have your cat on a leash or ask a cat wedding assistant to hold them for you.

If you’re the groom, you can consider having your ‘Best Cat Man’ stand next to you—in matching tuxedos, of course.

Cat Ring Bearer

Having your cat as the ring bearer is the best way to include them in your wedding, without a doubt! If your cat is comfortable in new environments and around people and is open to learning new skills, you can train them to deliver the precious cargo to the altar on the big day.

He’s good but tends to be moody. No problem. You can still let him be a ring bearer, except stay one step ahead of the game by having his pet sitter carry him down the aisle. 

Consider having a decorated pouch to carry or tie to their collar, and let them shine on your big day!

You don’t have to stop here. Some of the best ways to show some kitty love are through décor. 

Here are some fun ideas for cat wedding decor:

Cat Paw Prints

There are endless possibilities for incorporating your cat’s paw prints into your wedding festivities, and they’re all easy and equally fun!

If you are going down the DIY path, you can stamp your cat’s paw prints on a canvas or a piece of fabric before the wedding and use that stamp to add a personal decorative touch to your wedding.

You can also add their paw prints to a live painting (if you plan on having one) to add to your treasure trove of memories.

Another fun idea is to have your kitty’s paws scanned and add them to your wedding invitations and even placemats to add a little feline touch.

Cat Paw cufflinks, a tie pin for the groom, or a cat silhouette embroidered on the dress of the bride are both subtle, yet charming ways to celebrate your love for your feline. 

Cat-Centric Cake Topper

Black and white cat cake topper on wedding cake

If you wish to go all out and let everyone know how obsessed you are with your furry best friend, you can include a cake topper featuring a bride, groom, and cat to represent your family.

The fun thing is that custom cake toppers have endless possibilities, and there is so much creative freedom in this aspect of wedding planning. Be sure to decide upon this well in advance and discuss it with your baker to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Cat-Themed Wedding Favours

If everyone around you loves your cat as much as you do, you can surprise them by creating wedding favours inspired by your cat. You can create favour boxes and add customised items that represent or remind you of your cat, like cat-shaped cookies, cat-themed keychains, or small toys for your guests or their pets (if applicable).

Cat Escort Cards

Another fun idea to incorporate a digitised version of your cat into your wedding is to have cat-themed escort cards in your seating arrangement. You can add an illustrated image of your cat printed on the escort cards and throw in a few cat puns to add humour.

If you wish to go all out for this one and have time to add extra effort, you can add one- or two-liner jokes on some escort cards that reference a special memory or event that this specific guest has had with your cat. It would make a unique and special memory for them and would be something to get the conversation started. 

How Do You Incorporate A Cat Into A Wedding Without Them?

If for some reason your cat cannot be part of your wedding, don’t worry. There are still a multitude of fun ways you can have there in spirit. 

These ideas also work great if you have a shy cat who would rather be at home than in a hall full of humans.

Cat Photo Display

You can have a photo display of your cat at your wedding, preferably at the entrance. It will help you recall the amazing memories the two (or even three of you) have shared. You can add various pictures from different phases of their lives and play them during the ceremony. You can even edit a few videos of your cat and have them play on a screen during the ceremony. 

Signature Drink Names

Not everything has to be emotional and sentimental; you can remember your furry pal in fun ways, like naming your signature drink after them. Design fun and playful drink menus that include your cat’s name, “Charlie’s midnight Meow-jito” or names that reference some of their most mischievous behaviours, “Not-a-Virgin Charlie.” For a few extra laughs, go with memories that most of your guests can relate to, like the time your partner accidentally sat on it and Charlie lost one of his lives. 

Light Candles and Release Balloons  

If talking about it out loud feels too difficult, you could choose to light candles and release balloons in your kitty’s memory. 

Set Up A Donation Corner

Why not honor “Mittens” by setting up a donation corner. Guests can pitch and the proceeds can go to a shelter or rescue center.  

FAQ: Can cats be ring-bearers?

Having a cat as a ring bearer is not easy and definitely not for the faint of heart. But it is so paw-some if done right! 

If your cat has the right temperament and training to pull off this one big job, then definitely give it a shot. By the way, these felines are way smarter than they let on. 

You can test to see if your cat is fit for the job by starting training them ahead of the wedding date to see if they are comfortable in their wedding outfit, and if they can be trusted with the ring, etc.

Doing a test run before closing on a decision would be your best bet to reach a conclusion. These dog ring bearer tips work for our feline friends too, and make sure the walk down the aisle is perfection! 

Cute Cat Wedding Outfits and Inspiration

Great! So now your cat is part of your wedding. Perhaps it’s dropping by with a cat wedding attendant for an hour or strutting down the aisle with plans to be present for the entire duration.

Regardless, she has to dress to the nines. Pun intended!

Not only do cat wedding outfits add an adorable touch, you can also add accessories to make them really look classy and add a whimsical touch to your special day.

Plus, the photographs with them turn out to be absolutely aww-dorable photographs!

Here are seven cute cat wedding outfits and inspirations to consider:

Bowtie and collar for your pussy cat

If your furry little pal is a stud, then this may be their time to shine. You may choose a classic and sophisticated look by dressing your cat in a stylish bowtie or a decorative collar.

You can further personalise this by selecting a colour of the bow-tie that aligns with your wedding theme, but remember to make sure that it complements their fur too. Opt for accessories that are comfortable and won’t restrict your cat’s movement. 

Cat Floral Crown/Wreath

A regal and enchanting appearance with a delicate floral crown or wreath would be the best choice for little fur babies. You can add a pinch of cuteness to the mix by choosing flowers that match your wedding décor or even throwing in a few from the actual bouquet.

If your girl enjoys elegance, then this look will be perfect for her.

Cat Tuxedo Or Dress

If you’re planning a playful and lighthearted celebration, consider dressing your cat in a tiny tuxedo or dress costume. Go ahead and twin with the groom’s and bride’s outfits for a cute family portrait.

Lace veil or bow headband for your puss

For a touch of bridal charm, consider adorning your cat with a lace veil or a dainty bow headband. These accessories add a touch of whimsy and can be easily adjusted for your cat’s comfort. You can even get a veil that matches yours, and the two of you can twin on your big day.

Cat-sized suit and tie

Similar to the tuxedo costume, a mini suit with a tiny tie can make your cat look like a dapper guest of honor. A cat-sized suit outfit is best suited for a cat who doesn’t mind wearing clothing and is ready to strut down the aisle.

Custom cat wedding cape

Elevate your cat’s style with a custom-made wedding cape that shows off their personality and makes them look like the secondary main character at your wedding.

Add a similar bridal charm to it by choosing a fabric that complements your wedding colours and adding embellishments like buttons or lace. The cape adds an air of elegance and drama to your cat’s appearance.

Colourful cat harness and leash

For outdoor weddings or photo sessions, a colourful harness and leash can be both stylish and practical.

Attach a small flower or bow to the harness for an extra touch of cuteness.

Whatever cute cat wedding ideas you decide to go with, just make sure your cat is comfortable and happy with them.

We hope this article has given you a few ideas to meaningfully incorporate your cat in your wedding day. If you’ve had success with any of them, we’d love to know about it! Either contact us to be featured, or post your pics on social media with #pawfectnuptials

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