10 Utterly Heartfelt Ways to Honour Your Pet in Your Wedding Ceremony

two hands with wedding rings touching with dog paw on top

Are you looking for creative ways to honour your pet in your wedding ceremony, because they can’t physically be by your side on your wedding day?

We understand their absence can tug at your heartstrings, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be there in spirit!

If you’ve found a pet-friendly wedding venue, here are some fun ways to incorporate your dog in your wedding, but if you haven’t, don’t worry. Here is a list of 10 delightful and absolutely heartfelt ways to represent your dog at your wedding (that work well for other pets too)!

You might want to grab the tissue box for those happy tears because some will make you tear up!

1.     Include them in the invitations and program

Illustration of bride and groom holding hands with pet dog

Personalised invitations that really represent what you love are a great way to include your four-legged friend. Add a cute picture of your pet to the invitation or include their name in the wedding program. It’s a fun way to let everyone know that your fur baby is an important part of the celebration.

Feeling extra fun? Have an edited video invite sent from your pet. “Woof! Sally’s finally decided to settle down, so you guys better show up on…”

2.    Acknowledge them in the wedding vows

Wedding vows are all about expressing your deepest feelings and making promises to each other. Why not take a moment to acknowledge your pet’s role in your life? Whether it’s a heartfelt mention or a humorous anecdote about how they brought you closer, it’ll add a touch of personalisation to your vows that your guests will surely remember.

3.     Include their photo as a charm in a bracelet, necklace, or attached to the bridal bouquet

Why settle for a regular walk down the aisle when you can have your pet by your side, even if it’s just in spirit?

Get creative and attach a tiny photo of your furball to your bouquet, or have a custom charm made for your bracelet or necklace. That way, your beloved companion can be right there with you, showering you with their love and support as you exchange your “I dos.”

4.     Incorporate a framed photo at the reception

Pets have a special knack for photo-bombing family pictures, so why not spotlight them at your reception? Those little mischief makers always find a way to steal the spotlight.

So, here’s a brilliant idea to honour your pet at your wedding with their photogenic prowess at your reception. Find the ideal frame and proudly display a photograph of your pet on the gift or guest book table. It’s like giving your four-legged superstar a VIP treatment!

Go bolder and add a life-sized cutout!

Not only will it remind everyone of your unbreakable bond, but it will also ensure an endless supply of smiles and heartwarming memories.

5.     Put their paw print in the guest book

Guest books, those treasure troves of memories, and well wishes from your closest friends and family. But, hey, let’s take it a step further and add your pet into the mix!

Grab some non-toxic ink, and gently guide their little paw onto a page.

You’ve created a masterpiece of furry memories. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind way to commemorate their eccentric presence while unleashing the cuteness overload.

6.    Donate to an animal charity in honour of your pet instead of wedding favors

Forget about those run-of-the-mill wedding favors!

Instead, honour your pet at your wedding by donating to an animal charity?

It’s a pawsitively heartwarming move that shows your affection for your four-legged pal while also assisting other critters in need.

7.    Use a pet-inspired cake topper on your wedding cake

Your wedding cake is a work of art, so why not use it to honour your pet at the wedding?

Black and white cat cake topper on wedding cake

Customize the layers with their silhouette or add a pet-inspired cake topper for your beloved companion alongside you and your partner. One idea which stood out was a cute Labrador made from polymer clay peeking through the white layers of a three-tier wedding cake!

It was just so precious!

8.    Light a candle or release balloons in memory of your pet during the reception

You had to say goodbye to your fur baby, but they still remain forever in your heart? Well, take a moment to honour their memory during the reception. You could light a special candle, release balloons, or even customized sky lanterns.

It’s a touching tribute, acknowledging their place in your life and ensuring they’re a part of your celebration.

9.     Create a slideshow of photos of your pet to play with during the reception

One of the best ways to honour your pet at weddings is to create a video or slideshow of your pup which you can share with your family and friends!

Let their adorable antics and unforgettable moments be showcased on a big screen, bringing laughter and heart-warming smiles to everyone in attendance. From hilarious poses to heart-melting cuddles, this slideshow will remind everyone how special your furry friend truly is.

You could also edit with a doggy voiceover to create a funny video: like a fair warning (“Buddy, I gotta warn you, she snores…LOUD”) or even a toast of congratulations to your partner.

10. Name a special cocktail or mixer after your pet to serve at the reception

Why limit the celebration to just the two-legged guests?

Get creative and honour your pet by naming a special cocktail or mixer after them. Whether it’s a “Fuzzy Paws Fizz,” a “Whisker Sipper,” or a “Purrfect Pina Col-litter,” it’ll add a playful touch to the drink menu and give everyone a reason to raise their glasses in a toast to your fur baby.

Cheers to sipping in style and toasting to your four-legged companion!

Whether you’re a doggone enthusiast, a purrfectionist cat lover, or just absolutely crazy about your feathery friends, these ideas will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Remember, even if your pets can’t physically attend, they’ll always hold a “pawsome” place in your heart, and honouring them at your wedding is a lovely way to celebrate that love.

Katrina Weir

Animal lover, dreamer and romantic. I love helping couples achieve their dream wedding with their precious pets by their side.

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